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2017 Suzuki SV650 First Ride Review Video và các hình ảnh liên quan đến nội dung này.

2017 Suzuki SV650 First Ride Review Video

review video và các Tin Hay nhắc đến nội dung.

Suzuki đã mang lại cái tên SV650, nhưng liệu nó có mang lại điều kỳ diệu khiến nguyên bản trở thành chiếc xe cổ điển đình đám? Trong video này, Trình chỉnh sửa tính năng của Motorcycle.com …

>> Ngoài xem những chuyên mục này các bạn có thể tìm thêm nhiều Tài liệu cho các chủ đề Tài liệu ôn thi khác tại đây: Xem nhiều hơn tại đây.

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2017 Suzuki SV650 First Ride Review Video.

review video.

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  1. I'm taking bike lessons , got my test booked and as soon as I pass I'm buying one of these, was going to buy a ninja 650 but its sounds lame , the mt07 is too expensive to insure , the honda cb650 is boring , so I'm getting this, sounds great imo , looks nice , not as nice as the mt07 though looks wise .

  2. Is it a good buy at $4000 2017 a little over 1300 miles? I think so but let me know if not please. I'm really liking what I'm hearing about this bike.

  3. I plan to buy this bike, one thing bothers me, it's the rear suspension travel of only 2.5 inches, the other bikes in it's class have 5 inches suspension travel at the rear, can anybody comment on this, will appreciate it, thanks.

  4. I have an ‘83 Nighthawk 650 SC that put out 72 Hp and I didn’t pay $7k and i have air adjustable assist and

  5. The only reason hit the dislike button, is because it is <<<<<<SO>>>>>> annoying to try to listen when you speak with the sound of the motorbike at the background at 100% volume !!!!!!

  6. I live in the Keys. I had a 600 and 1000 sport bike. Did not like it at all. Didn't enjoy the ride but more police. This will be my new bike shortly.
    Oh I forgot, insurance is 10x cheaper, no bs

  7. I actually like the bike and it's fun to ride but c'mon Suzuki, in XXI century with that headlamp? I wish they would create something like Yamaha FZ09. At least as option.

  8. One question, will it suffer from oil starvation if you do wheelies like the old one? Someone asnwer please a friend is looking to buy one soon !

  9. I want this bike so god damn badly. Its so good looking and such a good rider according to everybody thats ridden it. Looks muuuuch better than the FZ07 in my opinion

  10. 2007 weight spec is 379lbs. Same motor plus 50lbs means slower bike. Slower all round. There are two 2007 SV650's for sale in my area. One naked, one full fairing, both blue. Died on that year have fully adjustable front suspension. No-brainer.

  11. Glendora Ridge Road! I have an FZ07 and I want to ride the new SV650! I think it will be better in some ways: stiffer suspension, longer wheelbase, ABS option, v-twin will rev nicer, metal tank, etc.

  12. I mean NO OFFENSE to any "naked-bike" riders or lovers out there,BUT C'MON Suzuki!!! I KNOW it's now a popular "fad",to scale-down a bike,and REMOVE any and all fairings off of it,to give it that "cafe-styel" racer-look. BUT JUST like with any OTHER "Fad"………it's EVENTUALLY going to come to an END!!! For pete-sake,ADD ALL the fairings BACK to this bike like they did in the 90's!!! Now only does it LOOK so much cooler that way,but today's composite-materials,it ALSO would not add all that much weight to it EITHER and help it with the aerodynamics as well!!! Just sayin……..

  13. Going to pray to the Motorcycle Gods that the insurance for the SVs doesn't skyrocket in Canada anytime for the next while. Probably going to be picking this up as my next bike now that I've gotten into riding. Holy moly it just offers so much it's bonkers, and at the price point it is I think it's nuts to pass it up. Think it'll fit a featherweight skeleton of a 6'2" guy alright?

    Excited to see the comparison between this and the other class competitors. The insurance on FZ-07s where I live writes that bike off for me unfortunately, but I'm seriously looking forward to it nonetheless.

  14. produces 5 more hp than the 65.1hp on the fz07 for 500 more?! I will take that thank you Suzuki is back baby! They got a new gsxr 1000 that looks amazing, brought back the sv650 that my neighbor had and now they made a new manual car that might make it's way to the US?! Did they fire the last head engineer or something?! XD

  15. why cant suzuki make a triple to compete with the fz09 or a bigger twin cylinder like an 800. that would make me happy

  16. i test this bike in the track! its so easy, and nice to ride with nice cauges and sound BUT, the brakes its very very spongy and it looks like a 300cc bike! the second is the worst

  17. hideous exhaust and seat, honestly if they wanted to bring back the classic, at least spend more effort on the styling, the front is nice but back is just hideous

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