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Abdominal Examination – OSCE Guide (New Release) | Một số kiến thức học thiết kế online hiệu quả nhất.


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Abdominal Examination – OSCE Guide (New Release) và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnbài viết này.

Abdominal Examination - OSCE Guide (New Release)
Abdominal Examination – OSCE Guide (New Release)

plan là gì và các Thông tin liên quan đến đề tài.

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Nội dung liên quan đến đề tài plan là gì.

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Abdominal Examination – OSCE Guide (New Release).

plan là gì.

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  2. Thanks sooo much i've found your channel recently while i'm preping for my exam having to do with gastrointestinal examination it's nice😅 by the way as far as i'm concerned in terms of abdominal examination we replace the palpation by the auscultation i mean after inspection performing auscultation then percution and at last palpation as it affects normal BS is that correct ? if yes there is an error in this video .again i appreciate itttt so muchhh good luck geeky medix🙏🙏🙏

  3. 0:10 wash hands
    0:12 introduce yourself
    0:17 confirm patient information (name , age)
    0:23 explain
    1- 0:43 inspect from the end of the bed (habitus,scar,jaundice,distension,masses)
    2- 0:50 inspect hand
    1:03 inspect palm (palmar erythema,dupuytren’s contracture)
    1:09 finger clubbing by schamroth’s window test
    1:24 asterixis
    1:36 acanthosis nigricans (part of hand)
    3- 1:48 inspect the eyes
    1:54 xanthelasma
    1:58 conjunctival pallor for anemia (look top 👀)
    2:05 jaundice (look down 👀)
    4- 2:13 inspect the mouth (angular …)
    2:24 palpate the lymph nodes
    1- 2:28 Sub-mental LN
    2- 2:33 submandibular LN

    3- 2:35 upper cervical LN
    2:36 middle cervical LN
    2:38 lower cervical LN

    4- 2:40 palpate virchow LN or supraclavicular fossa ( associated with gastric malignancy )
    5- 2:45 posterior cervical LN
    3:17 supine position
    3:26 Inspect abdomen(look for scar,masses,distension,pulsation,stomas)
    3:38 Palpate abdomen (away from pain firstly)
    1- 3:45 nine regions look for (superficial mass , tenderness) + look to face of patient

    2- 4:06 deep palpation + nine regions + look for deep mass deep tenderness deep organomegaly

    3- 4:33 palpate liver ( take breath + with expiration + by finger + from right down to top till hit lower border of liver )

    4- 4:52 palpate spleen ( from lower down right to top left + take breath + palpate with expiration )

    5- 5:09 ballot the kidneys

    6- 5:33 palpate the aorta
    1- 5:42 Percuss liver borders (resonant to dull)
    2- 6:09 percuss spleen borders
    3- 6:22 percuss suprapubic bladder
    4- 6:30 percuss looke for ascites(shifting dullness) + wait 30 s after patient roll then percussing again

    1- 6:59 at mcburny point bowl sound
    2- 7:14 aortic bruit
    3 7:18 renal bruit

    7:26 thank patient

  4. Those videos are really usefull. Im very thankful to you guys. Im really am. During the pandemi, i will watch the videos you made for the exams and my medicine education. I love you guys :)))

  5. I am currently a second yar paramedic student and have studied and learned a few of your osce videos and helped me pass my osces with flying colours. Also with the arrange of illness's when on placement, has really helped me make strong impressions on patients illness's.

    May I ask, as my university hasn't taught us about GI examinations yet, just curious if you anyone who I can message for questions as to why you are doing certain actions or via this thread please?

    Thank you!. @geekymedics

  6. Thak you guys for the great work.

    One thing i would do differently though is hearing for bowel sounds at the start and not at the end because all of these manouvers and palpations may temporarily alter bowel movement and thus give you a false positive.

  7. Question: How do you define increased bowel sounds?
    Also, shouldn't auscultation be done before palpation or percussion for abdomen? (To prevent alteration in bowel sounds)

  8. Great video…watching over and over again ..great explanation and hv heart sound,bowel sound and etc ..been great help…just watch over and over again for cardio,respitory,abdominal examination …and really help me a lot..thank you geeky medic…

  9. I think the sequence should be Inspection – Auscultation – Percussion/Palpation. Palpating prior to auscultation might distort bowel sounds. Also, it's recommended to ask the patient to bend the knees so that abdominal muscles are not tense. Writing these to help out other medical students out there! :)

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