ARCHICAD v24 vs BRICSCAD BIM | archicad là gì | Kiến thức tự học thiết kế hữu ích

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ARCHICAD v24 vs BRICSCAD BIM | Một số kiến thức học thiết kế online hiệu quả nhất.

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ARCHICAD v24 vs BRICSCAD BIM và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnbài viết này.


archicad là gì và các Nội dung liên quan đến từ khoá.

Tìm kiếm một giải pháp thay thế tốt cho Archicad hoặc revit? Bricscad có thể là phần mềm dành cho bạn! Chương trình BIM tuyệt vời này không chỉ cho phép bạn làm mọi thứ …

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archicad là gì.

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22 thoughts on “ARCHICAD v24 vs BRICSCAD BIM | archicad là gì | Kiến thức tự học thiết kế hữu ích”

  1. I think you have a misconception on Bricscad being different softwares for different things…. It's basically the same platform and the only thing that changes is the tool layout to help you achieve what you want in the easiest way possible. Try changing workspaces on the bottom bar

  2. Great explanation!
    One important thing to note: NOBODY uses BricsCAD BIM (well almost nobody). One unfair disadvantage BricsCAD has is that AutoDesk has an extremely talented community. Some of the content creators here on YouTube are doing amazing things with Revit; personally, I think that BricsCAD BIM could quite possibly overtake Revit (at least for some uses). The issue right now is that nobody has really created a profitable workflow with the program yet. I'm sure there's some poor person doing 100 hour work-weeks in order to meet client demands while they figure out their ideal workflow. It's unfair for any developer to expect their user base to do free beta-testing. BricsCAD should reach out to some of the better-known content creators here on YouTube and sponsor them; until actual end users put time into BricsCAD BIM we won't really know what the program can actually do. So far all I see is people talking about the program and nobody actually using it.

  3. Great review.
    BricsCAD started as as an offshoot of IntelliCAD (Autocad clone) that had became opensource and a number of vendors took the base code and released their own versions. BricsCAD became impatient with the OpenSource consortium not moving fast enough and rewrote their own code and departed. I believe in reads AutoCAD Architecture (BIM) files though it appears BC constructs intelligent entities in it's own way.

    IntelliCAD was created by Softdesk, a 3rd party Adesk Partner and were concerned with Adesk cutting them out. Adesk instead bought the company but FTC made them spin out IntelliCAD because Adesk would bin it because it competed against their much more expensive product. They sold to insiders who sold to Visio who developed IntelliCAD as a diagraming software. They then granted a perpetual licence to a consortium, maybe to keep it out of Adesk's hands, who they knew would kill it.
    Open Design Alliance began who much to the disgust of Adesk, released the way to create .dwg files and Adesk was too late to make it proprietry including their programming languages Lisp.
    It bought by Microsoft at some point but quickly released again.
    Even the Chinese wrote their own version though there were copyright claims from both ODA and Adesk.

    CMS, Autosys, ProgeCAD, still have their own version of IntelliCAD which reads and writes in dwg and and a number of other european Co's have their own flavours often customised for particular industries. Generally IntelliCAD lagged behind Autocad but also implemented ideas that Autocad users were calling out for.
    It reads Revit files too and IFC and .dgn. No ArchiCAD though.

    Autodesk has never played well with others.
    BricsCAD has continued to grow and become more robust and stronger increasing market share.

  4. BricsCAD is a 1 stop shop and have a perpetual licence. I use it for mechanical structural and surveying it has to be the best all round cad program. Not to mention been using AutoCAD & other Autodesk products & have switched to BricsCAD as there support & customer service is awesome.

  5. My company CAD International, is the perhaps the largest reseller of BricsCAD in Australia, having sold about 30% of all BricsCAD licenses here. Almost none of those licenses are BricsCAD-BIM, but rather BricsCAD Classic, Pro or Platinum (now either BricsCAD Lite or BricsCAD Pro). We don't yet consider BricsCAD BIM to be a viable competitor to Revit or ArchiCAD so several years ago we went looking for a BIM alternative that would stack-up both financially, feature and future-wise. We looked at BIM products from around the world and finally settled on ARCHLine.XP, that comes from the same place as ArchiCAD – Budapest in Hungary. ARCHLine.XP is a much better comparison with ArchiCAD or Revit than BricsCAD at the moment. ARCHLine.XP is particularly well known and much loved in Europe especially. BricsCAD, like ARES Commander (the worlds largest AutoCAD Alternative) is a direct competitor to AutoCAD rather than ArchiCAD and looks promising for BIM but it is very early days. Like AutoCAD, BricsCAD is now owned by a huge public corporation and already we have seen Autodesk-like activity from the new regime. ARCHLine.XP on the other hand are still privately owned and have the passion behind their work that less massive companies seem to embellish. Anyway, it would be great if David could find the time to review ARCHLine.XP which we have been having great success in Australia with.

  6. For BricsCAD the processor of i7 is good. But RAM required differs as per the particular platform. For 2D drawing work 1 to 2 GB is good. For 3D Modelling with BricsCAD Pro 4 GB Plus and upto 8 GB is good and for BIM 8GB to 16GB is recommended.

  7. Why are you using the USB-dongle, if you hate it? You can use a cloud license aswell. Up to AC23 there was the GS License Manager as standalone software to up- and download licenses into a cloud. Since 24 it is all integrated into Archicad.

  8. Thank you for your detailed review. I am trying BricsCAD and Vectorworks at the same time while both have great capabilities and offer great prices compare to other softwares. I would like you to try Vectorworks to have an expert advise and review about this powerful piece of software. Thanks again!

  9. I just got a quote for ArchiCAD. And its $11,746 Ex GST (AUD) Outright for a perpetual licence then $1776 + GST (AUD) per year to stay on the select service agreement. Ouch!!

  10. Have you looked at Vectorworks? I believe it's also a lot cheaper than Archicad but as capable.
    I'm actually busy looking at both Vectorworks and Bricscad Bim as a viable option for my freelance business but still don't know what to do. I'm trained in Revit and Archicad but both are impossible, financially.

  11. I heard this few times in your video, but although those plugins are useful they are not necessary. I have spent many years in Archicad and never used any plugins. Sure they help, but are not required.

  12. I don't know man. Seems to be still in the early stages of development compared to ArchiCAD. The interface needs improvement, too. I'll wait for your review to see if this is the case.


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