Best DIY Blowpipe and Darts – Youtube demonetized this video. Why? | ข่าวสารล่าสุดเกี่ยวกับ blowpipe

Best DIY Blowpipe and Darts – Youtube demonetized this video. Why? | ข่าวทั่วไปรายวัน


สำหรับข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ blowpipe หรือข่าวที่เกี่ยวข้องอื่นๆ โปรดไปที่: การกระทำ

Best DIY Blowpipe and Darts – Youtube demonetized this video. Why? และรูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องblowpipe

Best DIY Blowpipe and Darts - Youtube demonetized this video. Why?
Best DIY Blowpipe and Darts – Youtube demonetized this video. Why?

blowpipe และข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้อง

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>>> สามารถหาข้อมูลที่น่าสนใจอื่นๆ ได้ที่นี่

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Best DIY Blowpipe and Darts – Youtube demonetized this video. Why?.


เราหวังว่าคุณจะพบข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับ blowpipe ที่นี่

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  1. A very good video indeed!
    Just too good and real that even youtube got intimidated by it. I wish they had not demonetized the video, but there is something known as CSR activities which are mandatory for companies image hence they took these better actions. My condolences are with you friend.
    Perhaps it might be the sheer number of darts which led to the youtube believe this video can felicitate mass production of a deadly weapon's ammunition.

  2. My advice for you, is that files cut only in a forward motion. If you do it back and forth, like using a saw, you dull the teeth of the file. Also, the darts seem too tight inside the tube,That, reduces their speed and accuracy. The blowgun's performance, is low in relation with the amount of work you put into the prodject. Tha being said, darts look cool!!

  3. Youtube is very inconsistent with their rules. They clearly states that firearms and live animal killing videos can't be monetized. Yet I saw many videos that are clearly against the rules but monetize d. Sucks.

  4. The hardest part of hunting with a blow gun is being sneaky enough to get within 10 yards of the prey. A real ninja weapon. I no bullshit killed a squirrel from a 2nd story window from 22 yards, it was pure luck.

  5. Hi, enjoyed ur video and i have a question. How do i judge the length of blowpipe i should use and how what is teh best arrow to blowpipe length ratio if there is 1. Any advice at all would be welcome. ty

  6. Excellent video. Your pipe diameter is too large. The human lung does not have enough air volume in them to sufficiently project the dark down a large diameter tube. Try using a much smaller diameter, maybe 3/8 inch or a little larger. You will see tremendous difference in velocity and distance. Thanks for posting anyway.

  7. When I was about 15 in the eighties I made a 3/4" pvc tube and nail type dart affair that easily put holes through the standard 1/2" to 3/4" plywood garage door of the era. It took a lot of experimenting to get there. Materials you choose for tube and dart really don't matter. Bore diameter, dart weight and friction need to be balanced with lung power and bore length. I started with about a 6' pvc tube and pretty uniform darts from sharpened 16d finish nails with soda can aluminum cones. I shot groups of 3 and slowly cut the tube length until I found the sweet spot where my lung power ended and the energy sapping friction of skirt on barrel took over.

    At full length it seemed to take a full second for the dart to finally leave the muzzle and when it did it just sort of blooped out toward the target. I was holding over a bunch to hit a 3" target at 10 yards and the dart often bounced off the plywood. By the time I was done the blowgun was about 47" long, there was a light "pop" as the dart left the tube and an instant resounding WHAKK!!! as the dart buried itself to the cone in 1/2" plywood.

    So there you have it. There are no rules of thumb that I know of but I'm sure a mathematician could sink his/her teeth into this one. Just getting the balance of force vs friction right. Once you have a powerful, consistent, snapping delivery your accuracy will get to the "holy shit dude did you get that with your camera" level. Make plenty of spare cones because you will robin hood the shit out of your darts, guaranteed.

    Happy hunting gents and maidents.

  8. I have made them from what we call tiger weed or wild dandelion stalks. They have a soft pith core and if you remove it while the stalk is green and then place the stalk where it will remain straight; [ between 4 boards with rubber bands or bunji cords wrapped to hold and tighten them with shrinkage] they will season and be very hard and work very well. You could easily make a mouth piece like one of yours to fit to these and probably use it many times on different stalks. I like thistledown fletched darts which the Cherokee indians were known for.
    Only because its all natural and easy to gather the materials because they are all seasonal.

  9. My fav DIY darts.
    Take a copper welding rod and hammer it flat on the end. Nip it into a broad head shape and cut it to the steel broad head length.
    All you need is the copper welding rods, a hammer and heavy duty nips. (It will take both hands to nip) I use either a paper cone on the end or the orange plastic cones or wire nuts. They hit hard enough to penetrate the big outside plastic trash cans the city gives you. I can usually get about a 3" group at 35 feet.

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