Best World Street Food. Italy Giant Event, Bigger than ever. ‘Gusti di Frontiera’ Festival, Gorizia | yaowarat road

Best World Street Food. Italy Giant Event, Bigger than ever. ‘Gusti di Frontiera’ Festival, Gorizia

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Best Street Foods from the World in Gorizia, Italy
International Street Food Festival ‘Gusti di Frontiera’
You can find here detailed videos :
Huge Blocks of Meat on Fire from Argentina
Handmade Hamburgers and more Meat on Grill from Serbia
Huge Roast Beef Blocks on Grill and Black Angus Hamburgers from Ireland
WHOLE Huge Pig Roasted and Cut. Austria Food
Roasting Huge Churrasco and Meat on Grill from Brazil
Cutting Huge Mortadella and Ham from Slovenia
Roasted Pork Knuckles and Huge Ribs from Germany
Huge Dose of ‘Fiorentina’ Steaks Cutted and Roasted on Grill
Huge Grill of Bratwurst Sausages and Long Skewers from Germany
Roasting Huge Amount of Lambs and Pigs from Serbia
Huge Load of Asado and Mixed Meat on Grill from Argentina
Italian pasta ‘Orecchiette’ with ‘Burrata’ Cheese
Grilling Every Kind of Meat on Huge Grill. Balkans Food
Slicing Ham Cooked inside Bread Crust
Bourgignon, Cassoulet, Tartaflette, Raclette, Rougail, from France
Grilling Huge Blocks of Meat from Argentina.
Feast of Fried Italian Fishes
Great BBQ with Ribs, Sausages, Skewers and More Food from Brasil
Huge Paella Valenciana from Spain
Parillada and Asado from Argentina
Handmade Italian Mozzarella and Burrata with Gorgonzola Cheese inside
BIG Grill of Meat, Huge Soups, Sausages and More Food fom Bosnia
Italian ‘Panzerotti’ Small Fried Pizzas from Apulia Region
Truck with Tons of Ribs on Fire fom Argentina
Huge Load of Mixed Slavic Meat on Grill and Stuffed
Italian Gnocchi, Frico, Polenta and More
‘Swiezonka’, ‘Bigos’ and More Meat on Grill from Poland
Huge Filled Fried Churros from South America
Preparing Huge Asado step by step from Argentina
Making Polenta and Roasting Meat on Circular Grill from Cuba
Grilling Pork Knuckles from German
Burritos, Paella and More Food from Mexico
Best of Balkans Meat on Grill. Pljeskavica, Cevapcici and Raznjci
Crepes and more Traditional Sweets from Slovenia
The king of Grill fom South America
Slicing a Huge DryCured Italian Ham
Feast of Pork Meat, Ham and Ribs Roasted on Huge Skewers
Cooking Sweet Pancakes Poffertjes with Chocolate from Holland
Frying Huge Dose of Fish and Seafood from Italy
Making Chimney Cakes ‘Kurtòskalàcs’ from Hungary
Handmade Sausages, Maxi Grill of Meat and Semolina from Slovenia
Pasta, Meat, Cheese and More Food from Croatia
Traditional Italian Ham Cooked Inside Bread Crust
BEAR Meat and ‘Gnocchi’ Italian Dumplings
Nutella Crepes and More Sweets fom France
Preparing ‘Pljeskavica’ and ‘Sarma’ from Serbia
Making Brezen and More Sweets from Austria
Juicy Angus, Burger and Burritos from Venezuela
Skewers of Fried Stringy Cheese, Melted inside and Crispy outside
Cutting and Frying Italian ‘Frittelle di Mele’. Apple Fried Pancakes
Ham Hand Slicing Skills. Italian Mortadella, Prosciutto Crudo e Cotto
Preparing Scallops Capesante and Clams
Clams and Molluscs Cleaned and ready to Eat
Sweet ‘Palacinke’ Pancakes with Cheese, Chocolate and Jam from Slovakia

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Best World Street Food. Italy Giant Event, Bigger than ever. 'Gusti di Frontiera' Festival, Gorizia

BANGKOK [4k] Walking bangkok at night At the latest Yaowarat Road

Bangkok night yaowarat
BANGKOK [4k] Walking bangkok at night At the latest Yaowarat Road
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BANGKOK [4k]  Walking bangkok at night At the latest Yaowarat Road

Bangkok ChinaTown Saturday night street, Walk Tour 4K Yaowarat Road, 2021 Thailand Trip Vlog🇹🇭

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Bangkok ChinaTown Saturday night street, Walk Tour 4K Yaowarat Road, 2021 Thailand Trip Vlog🇹🇭

【🇹🇭4K】Night Walk in Chinatown (Yaowarat Road) during lockdown Bangkok 2021

Today, REAL THAILAND 4K will show you around for Yaowarat area at night, the famous street food in Bangkok, look so lonely at this time, no tourist and foreigner as ever.
Due to the announcement of lockdown and curfew in Bangkok area and others nearby, it allows to take home only and have to close within 8pm for all restaurant.
Date recorded :11 Aug. 2021, 7 PM
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【🇹🇭4K】Night Walk in Chinatown (Yaowarat Road) during lockdown Bangkok 2021


Yaowarat Road has many restaurants and food stalls.
You can reach Yaowarat ROAD in a few minutes on foot from MRT WAT MANGKON subway station.
Here can enjoy Chinese and Thai food.
There are also many delicious restaurants and food stalls on the way to Yawarat Road.
From September, deregulation has made it possible to eat at stores.
On weekends, many people get together to eat and shop.
The beautiful and unique view of the city is also a recommended point.
Many people take a commemorative photo here.


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