21 thoughts on “Ed Gavagan: A story about knots and surgeons | Tập Hợp đề tài liên quan thiet ke logo truong thinh đúng chuẩn”

  1. As a medical student, this means a great deal. There are definitely a lot of hard days and bad days and just like other fields with very little room for error, it demands a lot. Often, patients are transient and you lose sight of why you put in the hours and what you're sacrificing your time for. This is a beautiful reminder of why we all love this field and why we train so diligently. Thank you Ed.

  2. A very touching talk ,takes you down the horrific memories and emerges with all the gratitude which helps breathe life and the wonders of the human existence.Yeah, its quite natural to get emotional…

  3. Searched video to tie a one handed knot for my surgery rotation

    Clicked on this suggested video

    …motivation restored, back to practicing my knots
    Thanks YouTube algorithm

  4. My daughter is literally a brain surgeon and she says that literally NONE of this is realistic. Let that sink in.

  5. Just listening to that story resurrects the reason I do what I do. I have been an OR nursing for over 25 years and still love to go to work. What this story reminds me is that although my job can be thankless, because my patients are asleep and don't remember me, I know that deep in heart and professional knowledge, I am helping someone to continue to live their life and am their advocate or voice for just a short period of time. And that period of time is priceless to me….

  6. Problem with this story.

    He claims the EMS crew intubated him on the sidewalk.

    He then claims that he spoke in the trauma room, and that an anesthesiologist was putting a mask on him.

    If he was intubated, he would be wholly incapable of speaking, and he would not need a "mask."


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