Forge of Empires: Space Age Venus Military Units! Stats Rundown & My Initial Thoughts! | forge meaning | Kiến thức tự học thiết kế hữu ích

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Forge of Empires: Space Age Venus Military Units! Stats Rundown & My Initial Thoughts! | Một số kiến thức học thiết kế online hiệu quả nhất.

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Forge of Empires: Space Age Venus Military Units! Stats Rundown & My Initial Thoughts! và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnđề tài này.

Forge of Empires: Space Age Venus Military Units! Stats Rundown & My Initial Thoughts!
Forge of Empires: Space Age Venus Military Units! Stats Rundown & My Initial Thoughts!

forge meaning và các Thông tin liên quan đến chuyên mục.

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Forge of Empires: Space Age Venus Military Units! Stats Rundown & My Initial Thoughts!.

forge meaning.

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15 thoughts on “Forge of Empires: Space Age Venus Military Units! Stats Rundown & My Initial Thoughts! | forge meaning | Kiến thức tự học thiết kế hữu ích”

  1. Spreadsheet:​

    Space Age Venus First Impressions Video:


    0:00​ Intro

    0:21​ Movement Cost + Attack Range Info

    1:48​ Energy Cannon – Fast

    2:17​ — Tangent: How far you can hit on wave one

    3:45​ — Tangent: How many Keen Eye procs to expect on wave one

    4:36​ Power Dragon – Artillery

    6:42​ Ghost Blaster – Ranged

    8:09​ Observer Drone – Light

    9:16​ Steel Fist – Heavy

    10:26​ Champion – Heavy

    11:07​ Conlusions

  2. Thank you for this, what I'm not getting is the light unit! Up until the new month of PvP(Ever since they reset for the month I have the same Hard(venus) opponent no matter if I waste attempts and lose, refresh or what I've only had this one opponent! It's so annoying as it should change! But anyways…before when I actually had multiple hard opponents The one used 4 light units of Venus but what's odd about is when it's on broken ground it is invisible but however my ranged units can hit it! The heavy, artillery, and Fast can't but the range can! The venus units are very contradictory as what is the point of having flying if artillery can hit it? That makes the flying useless lol

  3. I Think the eras after Contemporary Age goes through these years:

    Tomorrow Era (Early to Mid 21st Century, 2010-2050 or 2060): After Internet Revolution from CE, many technologies has been developed to serve human needs, but ate some point between 2020s and 2030s, the machines got self-conscious and they start to wreak havoc into humanity, 2040s is a tough decade because mankind has to fight against the machines that themselves have created before. Between 2049 to 2056 humans cleared up all the debris of this war that last for 6 years (2042-2048), and in 2058 every nation signed the GD (Green Declaration)

    Future Era (Late 21st and 22nd Century, 2060 to 2200) – After suffering from early 21st century, humans followed the Green Declaration, in 2064 the first Floating City using 100% of Renewable Power has been founded, the first of 1700 at the end of the Century, in 2105, the sea level has risen 8m since 2000, forcing peoples to live into these cities. In 2135, 40% of population lives at these Floating cities, by this point the World has stabilized into 6.7 billion peoples. By the lack of resources at the continents, in 2164 humans has sent their first expedition to Antartica to establish a new nation, and in 2172 a new Ice Age has started, so in 2197, Antartica produces more than 40% of all the World GDP

    Future Artic: (23rd Century)

    After the Start of Ice Age in 2172, the Polar Arctic Circle is all turned into Ice, this made humans to send their first expedition into the New Arctic Continent in the year 2218, in 2237, both frozen continents produces 68% of all the World's GDP, at this point, all nations has unified into one, called "Terra Nova", in 2254 temperatures started to rise again, putting a end into the Ice Age in 2265, this forced mankind to look deep into the ocean.

    Oceanic Future: (24th to 26th century) After the end of Ice Age, humans looked into the Ocean to explore new minerals, in 2307 human population has decreased to 4.4 billion, new techs as Climate Change Stations and Immersive Virtual Reality has been developed between 2328 and 2356. In 2387 more than 80% of the humans lives at floating cities. Only a little part still living at the continents, 11% Lives in Antarctica. Between 2405 and 2535 human has reached the peak of Technology Development and after 2547 humans started a project called "Second Life" where deceased people are reanimated into a virtual reality.

    Virtual Future (Late 3rd millennium) After the Second Life project, this world has became a self sufficient and self conscious It's like a Virtual Version of earth, and in 2681, the "Virtual World" has reached a population of 350 million humans, and many techs has been developed in this new world, by the end of the 28th Century a Computer Virus has emerged into this world, starting the Cyber War, where real humans and their virtual copies got into a War against the Virus, fighting against infected Virtual humans, after 40 years they destroyed the virus and in 2836 second war has been started, this time humans vs their virtual copies. And in 2910 the humans has won this war and sealed the Virtual World forever. At the end of 30th century Mars Population is about 15% of Earth's Population (about 3.3 billion)

    Space Age Mars: (31st to 34th Century) This era is based in Mars Terraforming Plan, by this point, Mars Population is around 450M People, in 3050, for the first time human's population is below 3B, and 96% are lliving into Floating Cities. In 3195 the first phase of Terraforming has been concluded. In 3247 Complex Life starts to emerge in Mars and in 3340 Mars has been developed into a self sustaining Planet, independent from earth.

    Space Age Asteroid Belt:(35th and 36th century): In 3419, The First Humans stabilized a colony into the Asteroid Belt, In 3569, a Asteroif from the belt hit Mars killing 25M humans, so in 3591 they gave up this idea and put their focus into a new planet: Venus

    Space Age venus: (5th millennium and beyond): In 4092 Humans sent their first expedition into Venus, but the conditions were so hostile that they couldn't even land, so in 4109 a Terraforming Plan had been started, and in 4395, the first 2k people landed at the planet.

    Population at each planet in 4500

    Earth: 2.5B
    Mars: 790M
    Asteroid Belt: 5.5K (Only scientists).

  4. They need to revamp the champion for space ages if they want it to be useful

    Drop the chivalry ability, it's literally not even useful when it triggers

    Maybe give a weaker form of ar. targeting? Like hlf of what the units have for each Era? So if units get 30% version, champion gets 15% version (round up to nearest 5)

    Allso I kinda think they should have scaled up the battlefields again once we've reached space ages

    We're fighting on literall planetary scales, it should have been 2x at least, not just 1,5x

  5. He heavy unit is going to be an absolute nightmare for the fast unit. Even now, CE tanks can be a pita to deal with in all ages. The heavy unit is going to be really annoying in AA lol


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