Gas Station Modeled in Revit Tutorial | copy family trong revit | Kiến thức tự học thiết kế hữu ích

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Gas Station Modeled in Revit Tutorial | Một số kiến thức học thiết kế online hiệu quả nhất.

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Gas Station Modeled in Revit Tutorial và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.

Gas Station Modeled in Revit Tutorial
Gas Station Modeled in Revit Tutorial

copy family trong revit và các Thông tin liên quan đến chuyên mục.

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Nội dung có liên quan đến từ khoá copy family trong revit.

#Gas #Station #Modeled #Revit #Tutorial.


Gas Station Modeled in Revit Tutorial.

copy family trong revit.

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41 thoughts on “Gas Station Modeled in Revit Tutorial | copy family trong revit | Kiến thức tự học thiết kế hữu ích”

  1. Good day. I am currently modeling a fuel station in Revit but i am a total beginner and me deadline is in a feq days. Would you mind sharing the families of typical fuel station components, especially the signage such as the canopy fascia illuminated signs and a typical model of an illuminated flag pole or main ID sign. I need to model everything in detail such as electrical wiring, fuel dispensers etc. Would also not mind paying for your help..let me know..

    Kind Regards
    Whatsapp +27 72 477 3130

  2. Hello, good tutorial friend, you think I could make a tutorial of the cover model of this project, attached image, or at least if you have a social network to communicate and that you can help me because I want to do my project with that type of cover, I am Spanish speaking and I am using a translator, by the way, excellent tutorial.

  3. wow i like this tutorial
    for sure i have 1hr per day for u my real teacher
    i start learning revit 3 weeks ago and i appreciate your work sir
    i can't attend revit class because i kno what we will study in 5 comming months
    may God bless u
    i used to share ur tutorials to my classmates
    tx alot

  4. Hey… Please please. lets make a total project from the beggining to the end. I've seen different tutorial, but your way of explaining is so intructive that am sure we could learn really well.

  5. Useful video Tutorial…
    as I said before, In my life, Everyday MIN 30 Minutes is for you, sir. that's how you become IMP in my life. 🙂 can you make videos of
    1. Sheets
    2. Post Production( Need more different types of tutorials or Series)
    3. On different types of parameters
    4. Some more custom Ceilings
    5. Waiting for structural Tutorials…. : )

    I Mailed you like this & great thing is you responded… I'm watching all your videos every day.. In my life, everyday Min 30 minutes is for you, sir. I saw gas station model ( ) & desired to do it and I did it. I'm happy to show it to you, sir..!!


  6. Hi Mr Balkan, I'm a student from the second year of architecture and urbanism, and I gotta say that your tutorials help me more than my own teacher in class xD

    Also, I see a huge improvement in your english comparing to last year! (My main language isn't english so I know how hard it is to acchieve perfection), you do a great job on your youtube channel! Thanks for teaching us and sharing knowledge!

  7. DOUBT: When I'm loading metric lighting fixture into project it is showing that " A 2-dimensional version of Family "Family 1" is already in the project. Can't replace it with a 3-dimensional Family". What to do now?? Please reply to me sir..?? Thanks in advance


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