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  1. I am from Argentina, I am 29 years old, with hypertension since years. Sometimes I keep waking up in the middle of the night agitated and with palpitations because of the dreams about sad/tragic memories from my childhood. The panics attacks and anxiety of my mother, the cancer of my grandmother, growing up without father, and other family conflicts.

  2. Growing up my mother called me bitches, stupid bitches she was my first bully! Now I’m 32 doing very well for myself! But my mom stills bully me, call me bitches, anything negative and it takes be back to the 7 year old hurt girl! I hope this goes away no words should affect me like this😔

  3. My mother was more than just a bear.
    To this day I still wonder how would you diagnose a woman who is/was/did/used to be/used to do the following:
    Forced an unwilling individual to add his last name to his unwanted biological child.
    Neglects the child to the point he had 2 accidents as a toddler and blamed it on him for being reckless.
    Never asked the absent father for child support.
    Never introduced him to his biological father even knowing where he lived.
    Keeps hitting him every time he has a tantrum or does something that would cause public shame to her.
    Is a hoarder
    Doesn’t care about the well-being of her stroke survivor mother who is also a widow.
    Hits grandma when having arguments.
    Forces the kid to be in a privileged private school when the kid has horrible living conditions inside his place like extreme clutter and filth.
    Tells him she wished she a girl instead and even bought baby girl clothes before delivery.
    Neglects the little boys needs for obvious ADHD which she thought was just plain stupidity that could be self changed.
    Hits the boy in public, even around his classmates.
    Wears substantial makeup everywhere she goes.
    Little boy broke a tooth in an silly accident at 9 years old and after begging to get that tooth fixed she agreed to do it when the boy was 14 after extreme bullying.
    Demanded the kid to do excellent at school.
    Doesn’t go to parent meetings.
    When kid had citations for misbehavior she forgot or did t have time for that.
    Forced the kid to go to after school swimming classes despite the kid having extreme phobia to depths.
    Yells at the kid every time she gets slightly stressed.
    Yells and hits her pets every time they misbehave.
    Ignore the fact the kid is being heavily bullied in high school for his awkward mannerism caused by ADHD and his chronic dermatillomania at 11 years old due to social anxiety and insecurity.
    Also he gets beat by her for doing it.
    Forces the little boy to go everywhere she goes because she doesn’t want to be alone (bank, supermarket, random errands)
    Forces the kid to go to her badly upkept 2 additional properties (which she didn’t have the sustainable income to do so) to do checks on them/supervise security, do all errands, check workers, etc.
    Since 13 years old.
    Continuously criticize the boy for being unwilling to please her every single time because “who else do I count on then”
    Doesn’t like the child to sleepover in friends houses.
    Cries when kid doesn’t feel comfortable to introduce his mom to his newly made friends.
    Blames the little boy for the mess on the house that she participated at.
    The kid develops strabismus in his middle teen years due to being very close to screens playing video games as a escape.
    Forces the kid to go to a more demanding privileged college despite not having the mental stability.
    Kid does poorly in college, regularly feels subpar to his classmates but forces himself way through it due to wanting to leave his messed up relationship with her and find solutions to his mental health.
    Boy was so distressed by his right eye condition that he goes himself to a public hospital at 21 years old and managed to get a government subsidized surgery.
    The boy never did drugs, never wanted to smoke, was exceptionally creative, became bilingual by himself but in her eyes he was selfish for not paying attention to her needs.
    At 25, blames the dude for leaving the country and leaving her alone with all her unfinished projects.
    He started taking meds for his ADHD at 29 years old.
    I’m 32 now.
    I still feel very uncomfortable on Mother’s Day.
    And this is probably a quarter of the story.

  4. Many people are not aware of the absolute fact that their current issues come from childhood experiences and everyone has issues to a lesser or greater degree. It’s inherent it’s unavoidable. Children cannot help but see their parents as God and all parents screw up one way or another.

  5. To everyone in the comments, I love you all so much. I just wish I could hold everyone’s hands and cry it all out together. ❤️ Please, if you need help try your best to get help! Please stay positive and keep going, we are all in this together. Remember there are absolutely amazing people out there, and you can be one.

  6. For the ADHD part it hit home – about more than 2 years ago I told my mother I couldn’t focus in school and since my brother is highly functioning autistic she was convinced I had adhd ..she even convinced me I had it .
    So I went to the dr and he prescribed me concerta for concentration and it worked . I could “focus “ and I wasn’t always feeling tired ,and my mood picked up .I would spend less hours studying whereas before I would spend way more.
    It took me till this year to realize I do not have adhd but depression as I at one point hit a low ,I also thankfully never had any serious side affects from the tablet until recently and stopped it without telling my mother. Also note that I didn’t take concerta continuously for those years ,maybe at 3 months at a time
    It sucks it took me a while to realize I don’t have adhd but depression through the trauma /abuse at home from my mother
    I’m still trying to work on myself and will hopefully move out soon.
    I am always now worried about my younger brother ,it affects him whenever I get hit but i try show him lots of love
    Great talk

  7. You know most of the parents think that they don't need parenting classes. I don't understand why do they think so..!? Because they didn't have like 100 children before having us then why they have risk being parent🤷. Like if they wanted to fly a plane for passengers then they would actually go for training. Then why not parenting!? Why are they so certain about their parenting skills when they know they have not done it anytime before!? Why are adults so messed up?🤕
    Well, I am Asian so I have parents who always tell me how to behave with them but they themselves don't want to hear how we kids want to be treated😐. Idk about other parents.

  8. Parents don't even try for therapy for thier children. Because they'll be labelled as bad parents. But they don't understand that if they're not trying for therapy for their children then they're already a bad parent in their own children's eyes.

    If I were to be diagnosed clinical depression or smtg of that sort. My parents instead of thinking what they can do better they would come at me and talk to me like," What in the world I didn't provide for you? Why do you keep troubling me with your own health?"
    When they such things to me, I feel like if they don't really want to look in to what I feel why to even question about it and blame it on me at last.

  9. Would childhood trauma affect the immune system of the child? Would the continuous stress and high cortisol levels result in an auto-immune disease like 'Multiple Sclerosis? My father 'Gaslit' me from the age of 5 and I was bullied in school from 6-11. The result was what I call 'A perfect Storm' when my immune system made a mistake treating a stomach bug. I developed Multiple Sclerosis at 12. My stress levels were high, I'm do not absorb sun rays + I have a long history of high cortisol in my body.

  10. Well I have already developed COPD (past 10 yrs. now) because of all this. Wish I had figured this out early. A lot of emotional abuse I have gone through and still going through from different members of my family at different stages of my life right from my childhood (the farthest emotional trauma I remember was at the age of 4) not just them but also at school , by a few teachers misunderstanding me to members of my extended family. In all of this I thank god for that 1 best friend I had. Not to forget physical abuse.


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