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How to build (and rebuild) trust | Frances Frei và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chuyên mục này.

How to build (and rebuild) trust | Frances Frei

thiet ke logo truong thinh và các Thông tin liên quan đến chuyên mục.

Niềm tin là nền tảng cho mọi thứ chúng tôi làm. Nhưng chúng ta phải làm gì khi nó bị hỏng? Trong một buổi nói chuyện mở mang tầm mắt, giáo sư Frances Frei của Trường Kinh doanh Harvard cho …

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Từ khoá liên quan đến chuyên mục thiet ke logo truong thinh.

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How to build (and rebuild) trust | Frances Frei.

thiet ke logo truong thinh.

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  1. I always feel f**ked up after being cheated at, I don’t know if I will ever recover from that… I pray one day to wake up without that memory in my head.

  2. I enjoyed the presentation, but the talk wasn't about trust, it was about being being trustworthy rather than trust. Her title suggests it, and she hints at it when she talks about us learning to trust one another. Trust is always in the hands of the giver. Nothing another person can do can make you rust them. You place your trust in someone totally at your own choice. It often has nothing to do with the other pserson or their trustworthiness. It has far more to do with the originator's personal bias, feelings and philosophies. People often trust people who are completely untrustworthy, and completely distrust those who are completely trustworthy. You see that in realtionships, particularly when someone wants to trust their partner, or in politics where we trust politicians who, at least, talk like they agree with us – because they are unlikely to do things that conflict with our values. It's also why often feel stronger about their betrayals.
    This is really more about being trustworty. Now trustworthy does not mean someone isn't going to hurt you or otherwise inflict damage. It just means they'll be honest about it and won't surprise you.
    There's no question of the author's authenticity. She undermined her presentation (empathy wobble) when she commented about women and getting cut off and having their ideas stolen and followed by "demographic tendencies of our senior leadership." It gave a clear indication that she has a bias that is likely to be a part of her thinking and decision making.
    That is an important part of authenticity. Like I said before, trustworthiness is about honesty, and not about kindness or good intentions – those are different values that are often conflated with trust.
    Trust doesn't mean I won't fire you, it just means that you won't be surprised by it.

  3. I needed to hear & embrace this literally on Maundy Thursday 2021—all I had were tears of sorrow & guilt.

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  5. Unfortunately her wokeness and honesty and not the same thing. Wokeness often avoids unpleasant truths and without truth there is no trust

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  7. She said when we're around people who are "like" us it's easier to be our genuine selves. That is true, but so is this: they most often have to "like" you as well, to give you grace when miscommunication and stife happens.

    Our American Decree

  8. Excellent theme….. "Trustworthiness is the greatest portal leading unto the tranquillity and security of the people. In truth the stability of every affair hath depended and doth depend upon it." ~ Baha'i Faith

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  10. i bet i'm the only one here who wants to build trust with lisa gaming so she can give me discord perms so i can nuke her server

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