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How to Install pyRevit | Một số kiến thức học thiết kế online hiệu quả nhất.

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How to Install pyRevit và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnchuyên mục này.

How to Install pyRevit
How to Install pyRevit

tai revit 2014 và các Nội dung liên quan đến chủ đề.

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#Install #pyRevit.


How to Install pyRevit.

tai revit 2014.

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19 thoughts on “How to Install pyRevit | tai revit 2014 | Kiến thức tự học thiết kế hữu ích”

  1. Já usei o plugin uma vez e é ótimo! Mas agora preciso instalar no meu novo revit e eu não consegui nem baixar o arquivo. Tem algum video mais atual ensinando a baixar o arquivo correto e instalar? Já faz dias que estou tentando.

    I've used the plugin once and it's great! But now I need to install it on my new revit and I couldn't even download the file. Is there a more current video teaching you how to download the correct file and install it? I've been trying for days.

  2. whew, such a massive headache to install, still wont act right. Why wont my computer see the .addin file in Revit 2020 folder? What am I not doing right? Why is this so difficult?

  3. Just can't make it work 🙁
    After instalation on ProgramData file, the pyrevit.addin doesn't show up in the Autodesk/Revit/Addin File
    Tried to find the .addin file but couldn't find anywhere… Someone can help?

  4. Thanks for this tool, I learned about it at AU this year and my brain went crazy with possibilities of learning to create and deploy custom tools to my coworkers. That being said, I have a couple questions. First on the current installation, I don't get the option to select all users or current user (me), was that removed since this video? After installing I have an issue with my Dynamo, my nodes are blown up and I only see the "spaghetti" and a large dot at the node. Is there a compatibility issue with any version of Dynamo?Also, is it compatible with Revit 2015? I have one project that remains in that version that I would really like to create a faster version of my current "quick process"


  5. First, thanks for sharing your amazing work!
    I'm using Revit 2019, I installed the latest version of pyRevit (4.6.5), but the installer doesn't add the pyRevit.addin file to the Addins folder, and I can't seem to find the pyRevit.addin file anywhere. Could you help me figure this out?

  6. I just downloaded the from your github and it didn't come with an installer. Where can I find the installer for this package?
    Looks like a great tool can't wait to try it out!

    Edit: I needed to download Inno Setup and use the .iss file in the release folder to create an the setup exe

  7. Hi, what do I do if I have 2 versions of Revit on my pc and I want the plugin installed on the older one? Everytime I try to install it goes to Revit 2019 and not 2018, where I need it at the moment :/

  8. Thank you for this video. This helped me enable pyRevit for Revit 2019.
    For anyone wondering:
    1_Open %ProgramData%
    2_Copy pyRevit.addin from a previous version where pyRevit is already working (eg: 2016).
    3_Paste pyRevit.addin on the 2019 folder
    4_Launch Revit 2019 and pyRevit should load as normal.

  9. Hi Ehsan! I have problem with module named "revitultils". It showed "ImportError: No module named revitutils" and the addin did not work. Please help me with this problem. Hope you reply me soon.

  10. Hey Ehsan! Trying to get pyRevit installed and tried both ways (Installer & GitHub). The Installer wizard was able to put from the Git repo and drop into %Program Data% at the top level there. However, I poked around and was unable to find the Revit .addin manifest file either in the Program Data > Autodesk > Revit > Addin folder OR the Program Files > Autodesk > Revit 2018 > AddIns folder. Dead end. Ran the uninstaller, restarted my cpu, then tried the GitHub route following the instructions here:
    No dice when using the .bat file to make a copy of the .addin manifest file. It appears I have the latest version but no tab inside of Revit to begin using.
    Let me know if we can find a solution! Cheers to all the great work in developing this out.


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