29 thoughts on “Jason Mraz – I Won't Give Up (Official Video) | Danh Sách nội dung nói về logo chu t Đầy đủ”

  1. I loved the movie (Kiss The Ground) but part of it was the moving me emotionally also with this great song. Just simply beautiful….This is a man that was inspired by God to make this a better world with his talent and I thank him for it. You encourage me to not give up on this planet, the people or life, and I'm grateful to be here.

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  3. Lots of changes going on within the world and within us as individuals. Listening to this song when a lot of my sh!t was bubbling to the surface, helped me to cry and allow the energy to flow. It helped me to stand in my power and feel safe, guided, protected. I felt as if it was my guardian angel writing me a love letter. Thank you xo

  4. BESA EL SUELO, veanla esta en netflix y diganme si se sumaran a la solucion ante nuentra extinción que poco a poco tenemos menos biodiversidad, ecosistemas y esperanza.

  5. Isn't it strange that most all think of ONE person when they hear this song…yet I do not. Instead, I think of the growing chasm between Americans and their political views driving them to hate their fellow American. And here is Jason, singing lyrics that are pointing to what should keep us together, not drive us apart. To me, he seems to declare that he is not giving up on as as a unified country.

    Proof that this powerful song speaks to each of us in different ways. Plus, I just learned it on my acoustic. Well worth the effort of adding this to my personal repertoire!

  6. You are my kind of musican
    The lyrics are real + rhythmic + beautiful. .
    My wedding song to be used next year. . Thank you for honest approach to music. . Sorry I had miss you in Cleveland OH, recently


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