Let's talk about ADHD | Tập Hợp nội dung nói về let’s talk 1 đúng chuẩn

Các bạn cần làm chủ đề về let’s talk 1. Bạn đang những nội dung nhắc đến đến chủ đề bạn thực hiện, Post đây sẽ dành cho bạn, cùng với một số chủ đề, nội dung được đưa ra thích hợp nhất cho chủ đề này. Giúp Mọi người có thể hoàn thành đề tài một cách tốt nhất.

Đọc những Nội dung về let’s talk 1 với Let's talk about ADHD Mới Cập Nhật


Ngoài xem những Tin Tức về let’s talk 1 này, bạn có thể xem một số chủ đề hữu dụng khác do chúng mình cung cấp tại đây nhé

Let's talk about ADHD và các hình ảnh liên quan đến bài viết này.

Let's talk about ADHD

let’s talk 1 và các Tin Hay liên quan đến đề tài.

Hình ảnh động này thảo luận ý nghĩa của việc mắc chứng Rối loạn tăng động giảm chú ý (ADHD). Nó được đồng sản xuất bởi trẻ em ADHD, gia đình của chúng và …

>> Bên cạnh xem những chủ đề này bạn có thể tìm thêm nhiều Thông tin cho các chủ đề Tài liệu ôn thi khác tại đây: Xem nhiều hơn tại đây.

Nội dung có liên quan đến từ khoá let’s talk 1.

#Let39s #talk #ADHD.


Let's talk about ADHD.

let’s talk 1.

Chúng tôi hy vọng với những Thông tin về let’s talk 1 này sẽ có ích cho bạn. cầu mong rằng các tin tức này sẽ giúp các bạn thực hiện đề tài nhanh nhất và tốt nhất. Rất cảm ơn bạn đã theo dõi.

Nguyễn Đẹp

Xin chào các bạn mình là ĐẸP, hi. Đúng như tên của mình, mình thích chia sẻ những điều đẹp nhất đến cho các bạn, còn về nhan sắc của mình nó hơi ngược xíu. Nhưng các bạn biết không, nhờ có những mẹo mà mình sắp chia sẻ tới đây cho các bạn mà mình trông coi cũng ổn rồi. Vì thế, các bạn đừng tự ti mà hãy xem ngay những thủ thuật và mẹo mình chia sẻ nhé

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  1. I have ADHD attachment disorder and Autism, though i wasn't diagnosed with ADHD and Attachment Disorder until around 8, medicated at around 9, then diagnosed with Autism earlier this year
    I wish my class had seen this, because they made my life hell and trauma filled

  2. The true causes of our illnesses and suffering.
    Doesn’t really matter what chronic illness you are suffering from. You can start to heal.
    Toxicities, deficiencies are the main cause of our illnesses along with, heavy metals, yeasts, fungi, parasites, moulds, pathogen, viruses, bad bacteria and childhood abuse, gut degradation, injury, stress in adulthood and nasty relationships all play their part in bringing us down.
    Medical science and research would have us all believe that our genetics are set in stone before we where born and there’s not much we can do to slow the progression of our said illness.
    This is not so, with the correct information and tools, knowledge many people have over come their illnesses even after decades of suffering. This healing is nothing magical, our bodies and minds are designed to heal, when we can create the correct environment for healing to happen.
    Nutrition is at the base of this healing, along with rest and a sanctuary for it all to take place. Having a guide is important also. The first step is to know that healing is a journey and everyones takes time and practice. Hydration is key. We can’t heal chronic illnesses drinking alcohol, coffee, sodas, we need water and fruits with high water content. Next we have to start looking at all the foods we consume that are not helpful, the dairy, the grains, the eggs, the sugar, the processed foods and drinks, the salt, etc. Next we have to start to wean off these unhelpful things and start each day adding in know helpers, the fresh herbs, the fruits, the raw foods and salads, the veg, the water, the supplements [if needed] the mushrooms and wild foods, garlic & turmeric, the anti oxidants, the anti inflammatory spices and herbs.
    Only when we begin make a start do we realise how tricky it is to be healing when all others around us are enjoying all the things we are trying to resist and wean off. Some people will mock, some will help and some will ignore you. This is a lonely path, that not many start or make. The medical establishment is interested only in suppressing systems and maintaining their hold over health and treatments, the backbone of this industry is vaccinations. Many are now given and the idea of herd immunity has overtaken just being healthy. Super healthy people really are sick and if they are they recover well and better than chronically ill people. This is not science, it’s the law of mother nature and common sense. Science and research has let so many of us down, so badly over the years, blaming our faulty, brains, hormones and now genes and when the treatments and medications and vaccinations harm us or don’t work, they blame us. Victim blaming and shaming, which makes us feel guilty for being such a burden and wish we weren’t born so faulty.
    Much misinformation surrounds every illness now, that the truth about our illnesses, some people never get to hear. Until we can face the truth, we are stuck in an illusion and can’t start to heal. We forever await the cures and people keep sending in their monies for these future cures.
    We need compassion and faith in ourselves to start to heal, we need to gain knowledge along the road. We can follow and find others that have achieved this feat over their illness and use this as a guide post for our own healing. I am not anti meds or treatments, they are needed and many advancers have been made, but in the field of chronic illness we are living in the medical dark ages. Healing takes time and patience and practice. Cleansing and detoxification is the road to healing, our bodies now are under so many threats and toxic filthy poisons, they find it hard to keep going and when our organs give out, science and research Blame us and our wonky genes.
    This traps us and holds us back and stops us from becoming well, as our fate is in some experts hands and out of our own. Juicing things like celery and having smoothies everyday, like the heavy metal detox smoothie, gives our bodes a chance at healing. Raw foods gives us alkaline and enzymes and bio photons, they hydrate us and clean out all that we harbour within. Nutritionists are internal gardeners and the soil is our micro biome which today is destroyed by farming pesticides and air and water pollution, that also pollutes us. But know we can heal, how far and well we can become, no one knows. There are no garentees in life, but the person that you are waiting to come and save you, is you.

  3. Thank you for producing and sharing this video.
    We have shared it on our https://saved.org.au. charity Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/ADHDwhisperer/?ref=share to help educate people. We are based in Australia and advocate for education and communication around ADHD and it’s comorbid conditions. We are new and were founded to Screen Attention Variables in EDucation as an early intervention program to assist and support young students and their families that struggle with these neurological disorders. We act as information facilitators between health and education sectors and the families in Australia as there are large gaps of communication and awareness from the specialist sectors to the families who require the support. We work closely with ADHD Whisperer on facebook too. We all appreciate you all for producing this video. Thank you. 💖

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