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Tìm hiểu nhiều Nội dung về review video với OnePlus 8 vs Pro Camera Review | Full Photo & Video Tests Chính Xác Nhất


Ngoài xem các Thông tin về review video này, các bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều tin tức hữu ích khác do chúng mình cung cấp đây nhé

OnePlus 8 vs Pro Camera Review | Full Photo & Video Tests và các hình ảnh liên quan đến bài viết này.

OnePlus 8 vs Pro Camera Review | Full Photo & Video Tests

review video và các Tin Tức nhắc đến nội dung.

Tôi đã thử nghiệm công nghệ máy ảnh của OnePlus 8 cùng với 8 Pro, để xem xét cả hai và xem liệu mô hình siêu cao cấp đó có tạo ra ảnh và video tốt hơn hay không …

>> Ngoài xem các chủ đề này các bạn có thể đọc thêm nhiều Thông tin cho các chủ đề Tài liệu ôn thi khác tại đây: Xem tại đây.

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OnePlus 8 vs Pro Camera Review | Full Photo & Video Tests.

review video.

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  1. Have tried the one plus 8 too. Loved that , however had to send it back since it wouldn't charge over night. At all. Maybe something to do with that trickle charge

  2. The camera on my op8 just sucks. Especially after owning a galaxy s9, which was fine I guess. Well, didn't buy this phone for the camera, but for the good price and performance (bought this 8 months ago)

  3. I'm kinda regretting not getting the pro version, but it's 200€ more here and that was over my budget. I can't really enjoy my OP 8 bc I always think that I should've taken the pro

  4. Thank you for this video and the other ones too. I got my OnePlus 8 yesterday. Basic one. Pro would have been better but it just costs way too much.

  5. Oneplus is definitely behind when it comes to the cameras. Very little customisation on the photo once you've taken it and next to no settings for taking video. The focus on the oneplus video is truly awful. Constantly changing and you can't fix it to a specific focal point.

  6. Rather buying 1+8 , should go for pro model ,coz in pro model u can find many +points ,like camera ,speed and supports wireless charger

  7. The only purpose Oneplus has released oneplus 8 is to make oneplus 8 pro look better. Oneplus 8 has been constructed deliberately inferior for increasing the sales of oneplus 8 pro. I think the compay is becoming more and more greedy. Further, whichever oneplus device you purchase, it will be an old piece of junk in 5 months as the "upgraded" one would have come out.

  8. I don't care about the camera! Hi,

    I am Charles Davis. I am a follower on YouTube, Your videos are really useful and updated. I appreciate your awareness of the latest technology, that is the one reason your YouTube videos go viral.

    I would like to discuss a problem I'm facing. I am a regular customer of Samsung phones. Whenever I buy a phone I used to find the pros and cons of different sources. Last year I bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and it was a good phone all about but there one main issue nobody optimized, it's haven't got email notifications. The company replaced one another and it's also had the same issue. I am a businessman and I need to get email notifications at a moment when the client send, in this case, if the phone is sleeping mode(I haven't touched my phone half an hour it's automatically gone into sleep mode)I get the notification after I check manually. The reason I found it about the issue is when the phone got sleeping mode it's completely got in deep sleep and internet connection got disconnected. The internet comes back only when I re-touched the device. This power-saving using for the other crazy functions (and they're saying they are the best battery phones in the industry). But this is not fair for this kind of expensive gadget. I think getting updated notifications is one of the main factors in phone. Recently I bought One plus 8pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra they both have the same issue,

    The customer service executive remotely gets into my phone and try to find the problem, but they are said its manufacturing defect, and they are helpless. But I don't know why the same issue happens in different companies too. As a tech expert, Can you find this problem and give some suggestions. Nobody knows they have any problem like this. Nowadays the phone is replacing the camera.

    I believe you can help me and others who buy a phone for business purposes. Please do notice this problem, which is the main issue in the case of luxury phones.

  9. 6:24 that abrupt jump from one lens to another looks cheap.
    They should have adopted some sort of transition effect like iPhones have.
    Difference between 8 & 8 pro is too much in camera. I am gonna go for Oneplus 8 pro.

  10. Tech Spurt i have an iphone se version 1 (2016) and I want a new phone and pay around £600 should I get a one plus 8 now or should I wait for Iphone to release that 5.4 iphone 12? I'm kinda tired of waiting for apple to catch up. I really think it's absurb to be charging £730 for a iphone 11 with that screen and refresh rate no matter how good the camera and chip is. I'm just tired of waiting years now. this year they make the notch a little smaller? meanwhile all other companies have inprint finger detection. I'm really tired of apple now.

  11. Thank you, though I would have liked some comments on the macro lens; that one is completely missing from the review.

  12. I would be interested to see how the one plus 8 compares to the 7t since they have almost the same hardware

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