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Peter Attia: What if we're wrong about diabetes? và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề này.

Peter Attia: What if we're wrong about diabetes?

thiet ke logo truong thinh và các Tin Tức nhắc đến chủ đề.

Là một bác sĩ ER trẻ tuổi, Peter Attia cảm thấy khinh thường một bệnh nhân mắc bệnh tiểu đường. Anh nghĩ cô ấy thừa cân, và do đó phải chịu trách nhiệm về thực tế rằng cô ấy cần một …

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Peter Attia: What if we're wrong about diabetes?.

thiet ke logo truong thinh.

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  1. Wow the tears & sorrow on your voice so glad you were able to come to terms with yourself even if it was bc of guilt the best is yet to come …

  2. It took guts for him to admit his wrong, but most importantly, he's learned from it. Thank you for being real with us. We need more doctors like this!

  3. Carbs are sugar. You need to read the labels on your food. Look at the amount of sugar and carbs that are in what you buy also the sodium. What you put in your mouth will affect your health. Diabetes type 2 are the result of eating too much sugar and carbs. Change your diet and diabetes will reverse. Diabetes can lead to blindness. Keep those carbs low below 70 per day. Say no to breads, rice and all white flower and starches including corn.

  4. This is one of my favorite videos. I've probably watched it 4 or 5 times this year. Changed my entire outlook on diet and got me started on a healthier path to reverse my insulin resistance.

  5. سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم 🌴🌴❤️❤️💎👏

  6. Obesity in the liver is the cause for insulin resistance… AKA fatty liver… Caused by low protein intake combined with higher carb intake… Especially sugar.

  7. This doctor saved my life, this speach was a wakeup call, I diagnosed my prediabites …change to Keto, healed my non alcoholic fatty liver, …he is amozing

  8. Nice video, My dad has been using Blucon Nightrider CGM and FreeStyle Libre for blood glucose monitoring. He gets glucose updates on his phone and watch too in every 5 minutes without fingerprick. The app gives alarm notification when blood glucose goes up and down. Also, I monitor his blood glucose from any place through Ambrosia Followblucon app. It's a great cgm.

  9. I've always thought this especially as I've never been obese. Plus I'm allergic to wheat gluten dairy and so much more. What an incredible and beautiful person. Well said..God Bless you beautiful Soul

  10. Brilliant, I am a diabetic. I was anorexic in my younger years, I believe this contributed greatly. Also much great stress in my life, being in fight or flight mode for long periods of time. Also I have a food allergies. Work night shift, it all contributes. Food is a big factor but so isn't all the others. You are a brilliant man bringing much inspiration to me

  11. The cure to type 2 diabetes is simple, cut out the sugar, carbs and starch and increase your metabolism by optimizing your Testosterone and Free T3 back to levels consistent with a 19 yo. Optimized hormones with dissolve the visceral fat that is biologically active emitting inflammatory chemicals such as TNFa (tumor necrosis factor alpha), interleukin 1b, 6 and 16 that cause insulin resistance.
    I have hundreds of type 2 diabetic patients that are no longer diabetic, insulin resistant or has metabolic syndrome.
    Get past the misinformation propagated by big Pharma who can’t patent natural substances such as hormones so they are forced to make ineffective cancer and clot forming synthetic hormones.
    Hundreds of patients cured!
    Seek out bioidentical hormone replacement. It’s catching fire now all across the US…because it works!!

  12. I thought they concluded that cellular fat is the cause of insulin resistance, then I realized this talk is 7 years old

  13. Well I had pancreatitis and holecistit. Now my blood sugar has some witch towards diabetes. Obviously, you can kill your pancreas not only with sugar, but with alcohol/fat food etc.
    I think medicine got something wrong with diabetes. And not biology, exactly medicine. Because on PRACTICE doctors believe what they want.

  14. I rewatch this on occasion as a reminder of what humility and empathy looks like. Hope to absorb a fraction of it.

  15. Nice video, for monitoring my glucose values I use Nightrider CGM with Libre sensor. I am able to get alarms for out of range readings, share readings with my endo and caregivers. It's the best method of tracking exercise, diet, and other activities on one platform.

  16. kudos to DR. KANAYO PETERSON, the best herbal medicine man in california, usa. after our great and beloved legend, DR. SEBI. I am certain many Americans still don't know about DR. KANAYO PETERSON who happen to have achieve alot of good results from his 14 days herbal remedy, have used the 14 days remedy to cure myself,

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  17. Visit what foods for made high and lower diabetes! May everyone escape from diabetes.

  18. Eight years after this video was posted Youtube is full of video's confirming the cause of IR and type 2 diabetes. Our western standard diet is totally wrong. Way too mucht carbs, especially glucose, fructose, and sucrose. We should eat fat not carbs and we should practice intermittant fasting. It works for me. Lost 25 pounds, never felt better.

  19. Such a profound acknowledgment! Additionally, along the same concept, people tend to judge large people as they are the ones waiting for a heart attack. However, thin people get them equally and as often.

  20. You'll feel justified in judging her because your understanding of diabetes foot ulcers is less than competent.

    How about evaluate and treat for any acute infection, evaluate circulatory status- The refer to the Wound Care Center for evaluation by the lead at the wound care Center with referral to vascular surgeon, plastic surgeon, andor podiatrist as indicated.
    Preferable to a shotgun diagnosis this woman needs an amputation.

  21. mRNA insulin is the worst thing you can do to treat type 2 diabetes . Insulin injections lowers your blood sugar which causes your heart rate to elevate and cause panic attack . This causes the patient to do the only thing they can do which is to eat rapidly

  22. why can't we desperate carbs fm the food.when we can seperate lactose fm milk
    whole problem is carb. every food has it. how much do we need to survive

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