What They Don't Tell You About The Elemental Plane of Water – D&D | ข่าวสารล่าสุดเกี่ยวกับ water elemental

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What They Don't Tell You About The Elemental Plane of Water – D&D | ข่าวทั่วไปรายวัน

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What They Don't Tell You About The Elemental Plane of Water – D&D และรูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องwater elemental

What They Don't Tell You About The Elemental Plane of Water - D&D
What They Don't Tell You About The Elemental Plane of Water – D&D

water elemental และข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้อง

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What They Don't Tell You About The Elemental Plane of Water – D&D.

water elemental.

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44 thoughts on “What They Don't Tell You About The Elemental Plane of Water – D&D | ข่าวสารล่าสุดเกี่ยวกับ water elemental”

  1. The 2ndedAd&d is always the lore I like best. I liked it so much. Maybe we could get a 5.2nd ADDition…I just gave a title for it lol. Get to work w.o.t.c.!

  2. Maybe, and this is just a theory of mine, maybe, the description in the 5e DMG is somewhat like a "wheel" of the elemental planes?
    If you go "down" in the plane of water, it's not the ground you find, but where the water pressure rises marks where the plane of water borders the plane of earth. If you go "up", it's not the surface, but a place where it borders the plane of air. And what appears to be a sun that warms the top layers, is actually a part, where the plane of air borders the plane of fire, which itself borders the plane of earth, where the proximity leads you to believe that you are near the earths core.

    But as said, this "elemental planes wheel" is just a theory, that could explain this.

  3. It's weird but I like both descriptions (5e and previous) I like that it's an infinite sea in all directions…but also like that there're crushing dark deepths unexplored and with creatures out of nightmares which could only happen if there's a top and a bottom

  4. The reasons the manuals contradict each other is supposedly because things change. The planes are shaped by the gods and their followers. The gods are shaped by their followers and followers are shaped by the gods.

  5. technically is now like a universe of Kevin Kostner's "waterplanets" descriving all planets that are in the universe in the material plane in it's respective places and sices but in a wattery vertion (95% watterballs in space) with only a micronessya of little islotes scattered all around the planets.. I belive it a much realistic vertion than an eternal existance of watter (even that 3ed edit. is my favorite, I allways saw that stupid)

  6. humans can dive way deeper then 130 feet IF they are using a water breathing spell, as deep as any fish. If there were somehow gravity then that would mean there would be a point where solid water forms due to pressure, so you'ed hit a ice wall.

  7. last i checked, the inner planes are not heavens, the outer planes are, the elemental planes are more so elemental prime material planes than heavens

  8. Actually there are two requirements to survive the plane of water: the water breathing spell (or any method of waterbreathing)…and not being murdered to death by the locals

  9. Or maybe the closer you get to a material plane the more ocean like it becomes. In the center of the plane you get the more uniform buoyancy neutral concept.

  10. Love your vid but by your logic the elemental plane of fire would just be one giant Fireball there would be no ground, there would be no Lava, there'd be no city of brass because it would just be fire. the elemental plane of air would not have the floating pieces of land that it has always been portrayed with as it would just be air but almost every single flying creature even in mythology needs to land so they Incorporated pieces of land. this would then give you an up-and-down automatically so the elemental plane of water would be more like the elemental plane of air but seeing as creatures do require different levels of pressure to exist in water there would have to have a gradient of pressure just to be accurate to be able to have all Aquatic Life. I always saw the elemental planes not as Heavens For Those elements but as chaotic neutral existence of those elements in a natural State and they do not care about anybody else there was no implied good for a heaven or implied bad for hell so they were completely neutral.

  11. I have noticed throughout my 26 years of life the most common favorite element in fantasy settings is fire, followed by water, then air, and earth seems to always be last

    Personally I've always been a Earth guy and specifically the off shoot of Earth, Mud

    I love Mud Elemental magic and creatures have since I was like old enough to care about fantasy stuff

  12. in my game the elemental planes were constructed as a prison and are on an infinite loop: the plane of water is an infinite plane of pure ocean expanse, but if you go deep enough the crushing pressure of the water turns to solid earth and boom, you're in the plane of earth. go deep enough in the plane of earth and earth turns to magma and now you're in the plane of fire. go deep enough in the plane of fire and it gives way to the plane of air. go deep enough in the plane of air and you hit the surface of the plane of water.

  13. The problem with the supposition that “there is no other elements in the planes other than the ones that bleed into the other planes” is that, if that were the case, you wouldn’t be able to breath the water. Fish don’t breath water, they simply filter the oxygen molecules diffused into the water using their gills. Lungs are just heavily modified gills, meant to filter oxygen out of the air.

    Because there’s no air in the elemental plane of earth, that must mean that oxygen is considered air. So if fish are able to breath, that means that air has diffused entirely through that plane, and then wouldn’t that make the entire plane of water really the plane of water and air?

    Also, how does the city of glass work? Ice floats, but there’s supposedly no gravity and no core center of mass so what happens?

  14. If you want additional info on the elemental planes, check out "Secrets of the Lamp" from Al-Qadim. It's all about the genies and the planes they live on.

  15. by your logic the plane of fire should be the center of a star or something. Cool but not playable. Turning the plane of water into a kind of endless water world is coo, with photic and aphotic abyssal zones. For color turn the frequent storms into full on hurricanes making the surface impossibly inhospitable

  16. It makes sense for other elements to be present on a water plane. Considering the vast waters are filled with life… There needs air to help oxidize the water… The Sun, while fire, gives food to the phytoplankton that feed the smaller fish that feed the bigger fish that will be eaten by bigger fish… What of corals and other animals that attach to earthen structures? Of the animals at the very bottom who rely on vents for food and warmth? Its actually more impossible to have an endless oceans with life in it without other elements.

  17. Your description of the plane of water means that you could never go anywhere, because there is no sunlight to see within the water. The plane of water would then also be referred to as the plane of darkness, meaning it wouldn't be very welcoming to adventurers. lol

  18. I feel like it actually makes more sense for there to be a surface. Rain is also water, and there can't be rain without some air. Also it lets air breathing aquatic animals live there.

  19. I mean, with the multiple elements in different planes, I feel that if creatures living in or around that element didn't have elements from the other planes, it wouldn't be much of an afterlife. I mean, take fish for example. To live, they need different minerals (earth), and gaseous elements (air) to survive. To me it makes sense that the realm would have these different elements to accommodate the lives of its inhabitants. That's not to mention semi-amphibious creatures.


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