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  1. Dude! We are 46.5 billion light years from the edge of the observable universe, not 13.7. How can that be if the universe is only 13.8 billion years old? Because space itself expands (caused by the the anti-gravity force we call dark energy). The light given off by the earliest and most distant galaxies must traverse a universe that is expanding by at least 68/km/sec/mpsc — the "Hubble Constant," and that speed is increasing. I'm sure at least a dozen commenters below have pointed this out. You should put in some subtitles to correct it. (Love your Youtubes. Atheism rocks!)

  2. At least 2,600 people are pissed off that this video is out there. There are a depressing number of idiots out there.
    To be fair faking a UFO picture or video doesn't prove anything other than your video is fake.
    Oh yeah, I saw a face in the tile work in Wal-Mart's bathroom hence, Walmart is in league with aliens.
    It would be a mistake however, to conclude that there's nothing of a supernatural nature anywhere ever.

  3. I agree with Michael Shermer that we can listen to stairway to heaven all day and not get bored of it. It's a good song not even kidding

  4. This is a completely nonsense and bottomless presentation, cause it just makes a laughter out of what is obvioulsy not true and everybody with a strong mind would see it. But this is a strong hit to all real believers who has non explainable sights, experiences with a higher power and of course Jesus himself….if you lough at those bunks dont lough at the christians the same time who have a real sensful relationship with God. Nothing can compare to this, no bunk, no wonders, no science…its unexplanibale but real. All Mr. Schermer does is showing his disrespect to all People who have a real relationship with Jesus. He just makes a lough out of it due to the fact that very many people believe everything the want to….but if you believe in jesus adn get reborn, its not just a bunk illusion its a real experience. Nothing here in this Presentation comes close to it so everything Mr. Shermer does is showing his disrespect and close mind.

  5. Did I miss your explanation for how Stairway to heaven is auditory illusion? Even if all you hear is the word Satan, as the audience clearly recognized the word, how do you explain it?

  6. Brett,
    Sorry to hear about the loss of property.
    But this might lead something better.
    Find out who won the bid, what they're plans for it are and how much they have into it.
    Also how much they plan to spend, and how long it will take.
    Time to use common sense and convince them it will not work and you are an effencie expert. But until they figure that out, you offer to rent it, so it will make them money.
    Once in fix it up, keep account of all costs.
    Then offer them the opportunity to get out from under, at the bid you originally offered.
    Because the cost you put into it is 5 times of their original cost. You win!!!


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